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It's not just about learning to drive to pass you test. Our goal is to teach you all the necessary skills required not just to pass your practical driving test but also to fully prepare you to drive safely in all kinds of situations. We don't claim to be one of the biggest driving school of the country but we certainly are of of the best driving schools in the country.

Getting behind the wheel can be scary and stressful but do not worry. From your first time behind the wheel of a car to passing your test and beyond, Driving Lessons with 5Drive School Of Motoring will give you the best platform on your journey to independent driving.


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Intensive Driving Course

You don't have time and can't wait to pass your test quickly? Our Intensive Driving Course will definitely improve your road confidence and enhance your chance to pass the CAR Driving Practical Test on your first attempt.


Beginner Driving Course

Have you never driven before? Nothing to be scared about, you aAre at the right place. Embark on a journey of freedom and empowerment as you take the wheel for the very first time.

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5Drive knowsyour road to success

5Drive instructors deliver lessons to our customers not only to pass their driving test, but our main aim is customer satisfaction road safety. Our client centered teaching approach allows our instructors to alter driving lessons to customers need. We surely are not one of the cheep driving schools.

We ensure that our customers receive the full value of money they pay for.


5 star rated instructors

5Drive driving instructors don't just teach you how to drive but, our instructors are trained in the latest road safety. You success is our success and ll be learning to drive safely at a very high standard.


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Learn to drive with a very highly rated driving school which our customers will always recommend.


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Booking your driving lesson is just a click away. Don't wait just book your lesson.


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After driving lessons and mock test, Book your driving test and pass.


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Our clients absolutely love us. Our 5 star rating and lovely comments from our clients reflect our professionalism.








When learning to drive, selecting the right driving instructor can be a make or break decision. Your Driving instructor will be guiding you through a tricky process that requires patience, determination good communication and last but not least professionalism. So, in order to be successful, you need to find the right person who can help you to achieve your goal. Professional driving instructors are able to sense when a student needs help, is nervous, is confused, is stressed, or is distracted and can provide whatever is necessary to improve the situation. We can proudly say that our instructors have all the possible qualities a highly professional driving instructor should have.

We ensure that our customers receive the full value of money they pay for.


it's yourchoice


Once you have Passed your test in a manual car, you will be able to drive both automatic & manual cars. But this is not the case if you pass your test in an automatic car. That means that choosing to learn to drive a manual will give you more options when buying or renting a vehicle. Another benefit to getting your manual licence is that manual transmission cars tend to be cheaper than the automatic version of the same make, and, as the mechanism is less complicated, they can often be more reliable. Lastly, if you’re planning to do a lot of driving in icy or snowy conditions, then a manual car can offer greater control and so perform better when roads are slippery or dangerous.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. We can assure you that in either case you will get the high level of tuition from 5Drive instructors.


Driving an automatic car has definite benefits, too. The car changes gear for you at the appropriate time, so you’ll rarely over-rev an automatic car; and although your fuel consumption may be slightly less economical than a manual car, overall it can make a worthwhile difference in the level of effort required when driving on longer journeys.

It also makes driving a lot less stressful, as you let the car do a lot of the thinking and analysing – all you need to do is control the brake and the accelerator.

Price-wise, you’ll pay a little bit extra than you would in a manual car.

And if you still haven’t been swayed, several companies offer intensive automatic courses – so if you’re one of the impatient types, then fear not.

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